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Mindfully Work From Home

An insightful guide including affirmations, a tip, and inspiring questions to learn how to make your work-from-home space work for you.

Get intentional about setting up new systems, spaces, and boundaries that support your well-being, productivity, and happiness while working from home.

We can all use a check-in (and maybe even a reset) when it comes to working from home.


I value and protect my work-life balance.

I take breaks to re-energize.

I stay focused on the priorities I have set for the day.


Make sure to schedule daily breaks to walk outside or do another activity for at least 10 minutes. And plan at least one social meal per week to connect with a friend or colleague.


1. What are 2 ways you can create boundaries to support your well-being when working from home?

Examples: mute digital alerts at night, set clear WFH hours with your team, or eat lunch away from your desk.

2. How can you set up your home workspace to create good energy?

What in your space brings you joy or meaning? Should you add, rearrange, or remove anything? Come up with 2-3 workspace well-being upgrades.

Bonus Challenge: Create one ritual to signal to yourself that your workday is starting and one ritual to mark the end of the day. Try both rituals out for one week.

AM Example: write your top 3 priorities or meditate for 5 minutes at your desk.

PM Example: play music that relaxes you or go for a short run.

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Liv Bowser

CEO and Founder of Liberate, Mindfulness Guru
Liv is the CEO & Founder of Liberate and a certified Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher and Yoga Teacher. Liv has been featured on Shark Tank and in renowned publications such as Forbes, Business Insider, The Cut, and Real Simple as a mental fitness expert and has led Liberate Method classes for SHAPE and HEALTH magazines, Fairmont Hotels, Uber, LinkedIn, and many more.

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