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Embody Your Resources

Rewire your nervous system for goodness.

Resourcing ourselves with activities, people and calm places helps us come back to center. Deepen the benefits of your resources by taking them into your body through expanding the positive sensations of your resources.

1. Bring to mind a person, place, or activity that brings you calm or peace.  

Resources can include positive memories with loved ones, a favorite place in nature, a beautiful building, or activities like singing, dancing, art, cooking, yoga, walking, laughing, meditating, or journaling.

2. Enrich this memory by fleshing out the details. Where are you located? What is the temperature? Who are you with? What are you doing? What do you smell or hear? 

Enhancing the details engages our senses, making this an embodied experience.

3. Keep your attention focused on the sensory details and feel them in your body (to the best of your ability), savoring and stretching out the 'felt sense' of this positive experience. What sensory detail is the strongest for you in this memory? Where in your body do you feel it? (chest, face, belly, etc.)

It takes time for the body to catch up with the mind! Lingering on sensory details begins to rewire your nervous system to access more positive experiences.

4. Ask yourself, "What begins to happen in my body when I stay with this positive sensation?"

Stay with this experience until you feel a shift in your body - a change in breath, softening muscles, a feeling of calm, or an expansion in your chest. Write this down. You are embodying your resource, impacting your nervous system, and counteracting stress. Even a tiny shift is excellent; the more you practice, the more benefit you will receive.

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Bhanu Joy Harrison

Mindfulness Educator, Clinical Social Worker
Bhanu shares mindful living, nervous system, emotional regulation, and embodiment practices with curiosity and kindness. With 25+ years as a trauma therapist and mindfulness teacher, she blends nervous system education with practical tools for emotions, trauma, pain, and aging. Her focus on somatic and mindful approaches enriches our lived experience and connection with ourselves, others, and the world.

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