⚡️ Updates — November 2021

🚀   MacOS Desktop App (Beta)
You can now journal distraction free on your desktop computer with our native MacOS app! Download it today in the Mac app store.

🚀   New Web App (Beta)
We have released a new beta version of our web app built using Flutter, the same codebase that powers our mobile apps, and new mac app. For a more consistent and improved user experience! Experience the new web app at:

✅   New Icons to Indicate Entry Sync Status
You can now see more clearly in your journal which entries are un-synced when offline.

⚡️ Updates — September 2021

✅   Biometric and Pin Code Lock
You can now lock your journal with Face ID / Fingerprint / or a PIN code for additional privacy and security.

✅   Dark Mode is now Free
We have added dark mode as a free feature available to everyone!

✅   New Editor for Focused Writing
We updated the editor to provide a more minimalist design for a delightful and distraction-free writing experience.

✅   New Date Picker
We've updated the date and time picker to make it easier to find the exact date, and to allow entries that took place over a year ago. Also works well on wider screens in preparation for our new web and mac apps :-)

✅  Entry Titles
Give your entry a title by using the ‘Header’ text formatting option (Premium feature) on the first line. The formatted entry title is now also visible in your journal view!

✅  Simplified Pop-up for Entry Types and Tags
Organizing your entries is even easier, with a new and streamlined pop up that combines Entry Types and Tags.
⚡️ Updates — July 2021

✅   New Guides! And now they're free!
We have added Wellness, Compassion, Simplicity, and Adventure Guides! All guides are now included on the Free plan for the remainder of the year!

✅   Journal View Updates
Now you can edit a tag directly from the journal view!

✅   New On-boarding and Tips
Scroll to the bottom of the settings page to take it for a test drive!

✅   Exports on Mobile
Export your data directly from the mobile app!

✅   Performance Updates with Flutter 2.0
Our mobile app (and soon our web and desktop apps as well!) are built on Flutter. In our v1.8 release we updated the app to Flutter 2.0 and benefited from the new performance updates.

🎉 We passed 100,000+ entries on and 100+ reviews in the app store!
⚡️ Updates — February 2021

✅   'Reflect with Holstee' Guides Added
We have added two new guides to the app. The Intention Guide helps you identify your top goals, and helps you break them down into actionable steps. Our Kinship Guide helps you reflect on the meaningful relationships in your life.

✅   New Notifications Interface
We updated the interface for selecting which days notifications are sent. The new interface makes it much more clear which days are selected and which are not. Shout out to user "Dave" for the great suggestion!

✅   Updated Illustrations
We are making updates throughout the app tightening up design elements. So far we have updated the guides illustrations and the new entry icon on mobile.

✅   Backend & Performance Updates
While it's the least visible, this was the biggest lift this past month. These updates change how Monthly Reviews are saved and stored and gives us more flexibility with future guides and syncing.

👋 We are excited to welcome Tim as the newest and first(!) member of our support team.
Tim is an active user with lots of technical support experience and a big heart. We hope you get the delight of getting with chatting with him.

🎉 Together, we have collectively created 75,000+ entries on!
⚡️ Updates — January 2021

✅   Insights now available on Mobile
We have added insights to the mobile app, so you can see some stats and analytics related to your writing from within the app. This is still in development so if you have feedback please let us know!

✅   Intention and Goal Setting Guide added to Mobile
Over the coming months we will be adding more Holstee-inspired guides to the app.

✅   Reflect and Reset is now available on Mobile
Our 14-day Reflect & Reset guided journaling series is now available on mobile!

✅   Annual Review Viewable on Mobile
You can now view your completed Annual Review on the mobile app.

✅   Customize the Mobile App Appearance
Change the appearance of the mobile app by selecting a new primary color in the app settings!

✅   Inspiration and Prompts on Mobile
The mobile app now shows a quote or question prompt on the home screen to inspire your writing. Simply click the button to pre-fill your new entry with the prompt!

✅   Fun Confetti!
We added some confetti to the app. Complete a guide to experience it!

🎉 Our 10,000th user signed for this month!
⚡️ Updates — November 2020

✅  Monthly Guided Reviews
You can now complete your monthly review in the iOS and Android native apps!

✅  Entry Tag Support
You can now tag your entries with one of six Wellness tags (Mind, Body Soul, Work, Play, Love) — using these tags will resurface the post in your Monthly Review. Premium users can create Custom tags.

✅  Semantic Search Keywords on Mobile
One of our favorite updates!  In the mobile app, try searching your journal for "monthly guides", "highlights" or "bookmarked" to filter your journal results. A list of supported keywords is available from the Search screen.

✅  Updated Mobile and Web UX for Journal and Entries
The text bar design for both mobile and web has been simplified with consistent icons. We also swapped "entry type" with color-coded dots on the journal view.

✅  Holstee Members Now Automatically Get Premium Access
Premium access to is free for users with a Holstee Membership.

✅  Ability to Import Entries
You can now import entries from another account and from If there are other platforms you would like to import from please let us know!
⚡️ Updates — September 2020

✅  Offline Support
You can now use our mobile apps offline and your entries will sync when you are back online!

✅  Speed improvements
Especially on mobile when adding photos!
⚡️ Updates — July 2020

✅  Mobile iOS and Android apps availabe for testing

Launched Reflect & Reset

Ability to Import (and merge accounts)

Fixed a bug where the editor jumped around on longer posts

Added a billing self-service portal for managing your premium account

Added rich-text formatting

Slowed quote scroll and add button to view quote longer

Fixed bugs in analytics and with the favicon for web and mobile
⚡️ Updates — May 2020

Fine-tuning the mobile experience and preparing for testing

A lot of backend updates for Mobile apps

Refactored the entry text box (also fixed scroll issue with text entry)

Fixed a bunch of new small bugs with the calendar, emails, and guides
⚡️ Updates — April 2020

✅ Updated the home view to your Journal

✅ Quick add entry without entry type selection and text input active on load

✅ Writing prompts available on all entry types

✅ Updated fonts and sizes for a nicer writing and reading experience

✅ Updated quotes to make them easier to read

✅ Added animations to web interface

✅ Added direct linking to specific journaling prompts (the first step towards guided journaling!)

✅ Updated version control system so you stay logged in while the app updates

✅ And fixed 30+ other small bugs...
⚡️ Updates — March 2020

✅ Added photo support

✅ Full account data export in CSV or JSON

Ability to permanently delete account and data
⚡️ Updates — January 2020

✅ Added table of contents for Monthly review

✅ Added customizable email reminder notifications

Updated Mobile Experience

Easily Print a PDF of Your Monthly or Annual Guide Summary

New Authentication Options (Sign In Without Google)