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Wellness: Cultivate A Fulfilling Life

Explore Your Life's Dimensions With Your Mind, Body, Soul, & Beyond

One of the ways we can cultivate wellness in all six dimensions is by examining each one and exploring how we might step into each one more fully. Below are Holstee’s six dimensions of Wellness. 🧠 Mind β€” I am aware of my emotions. I engage in creative and stimulating activities. πŸƒπŸ½β€β™€οΈ Body β€” I am physically active, eat mostly whole foods, and prioritize my sleep. 🌈 Soul β€” I feel both a sense of awe and a connection to the world around me. β˜€οΈ Work β€” I gain personal satisfaction and fulfillment from my responsibilities. 🎸 Play β€” I make time for activities that spark joy in me. πŸ’— Love β€” I nourish, and am nourished by, the people in my life.

1. Mind: Reflect on how you've nurtured your mental health. How have you become more aware of your emotions, and what strategies have you used to manage them?

2. Body: Consider your physical health habits, dietary choices, and sleep patterns. How well have you managed these aspects, and what effects have they had on your energy levels and physical wellness?

3. Soul: Reflect on the moments when you felt a deep connection to something greater than yourself. What sparked these feelings of awe?

4. Work: Think about your work or main responsibilities. In what ways have they brought you satisfaction and fulfillment?

5. Play: Recall the times when you engaged in activities purely for enjoyment. What were these activities, and how did they make you feel?

6. Love: Reflect on your relationships with family, friends, and significant others. How have you contributed to these relationships, and how have they supported you in return?

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Started by brothers Mike and Dave Radparvar over a decade ago, Holstee's mission is to assist conscious individuals on their journey toward living more fully and mindfully.

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