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The Ultimate Annual Review

Embark on a journey of self-discovery with this Annual Review blueprint.

The most successful and introspective people I know conduct annual life reviews every December. It's an opportunity to reflect on your growth and step into a new year with more purpose and clarity. Here are 15 powerful questions everyone should ask themselves at year-end.

1. What were my major moments, milestones, and memories in the past year? 

2. What am I most proud of personally and professionally? Why?

3. What were my biggest lessons learned this year?

4. What 3-5 words or phrases would I use to describe the last year?

5. What am I most grateful for in the last year?

6. What big questions about my life am I asking myself?

7. If I knew I couldn't fail, how would I spend my time, energy, and attention in the new year?

8. What attitudes, beliefs, behaviors, and relationships do I want and need to shed?

9. What habits and behaviors do I want to start, stop, and continue in the new year?

10. How will I challenge myself in the new year?

11. What relationships in my life will I prioritize in the new year?

12. What is my purpose in the new year?

13. What 1-3 goals do I REALLY want to accomplish? What's important about these goals to me?

14. What does success look like? How will I be different when I've achieved each one?

15. What 3 very specific but small steps can I take to get started and build momentum?

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Steve Schlafman

ICF-Certified Executive Coach, Writer, and Podcaster.
Steve is a Professional Transition Coach located in New York. He assists high performers in midlife in manifesting their next calling. Steve, is also the creator of Where the Road Bends, a newsletter that delves into personal evolutions and life transitions. Alongside being a girl dad, this is his life's work.

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