Listening to Your Body's Wisdom

Tap into the gifts and insights your body has for you

Your body is your companion from birth to death and you go through all your changes and adventures together. Through this guide, you will bring open hearted listening to your body and be invited to see it as a friend and ally. You will become more mindful of your body's needs and cues. And you may find yourself laughing at the shift in perspective and allowing more play and gratitude into your day to day!

1. Write about a time the strength of your body took you somewhere you never thought you could go or let you do something you didn’t think you could.  How did it feel? 

We often take for granted our adventures and physical challenges. Use this prompt to admire your body's capacity and express gratitude. 


2. Focus on your hands. Close your eyes and bring awareness to your hands, palms, and fingers. Think about all your hands have held and touched. List things your hands have held with love.  

All parts of your body carry memories that you can tap into that with awareness.  


3. Dear Body,… Write a letter telling it ways you tend to distract yourself from its sensations and cues. Finish by stating things you want to do differently to be more in tune with its needs. 

Sometimes, we tune out body sensations to focus on what needs to be done, but if this becomes a habit, our wellness can suffer. 

4. Write about a time you felt deeply rested and relaxed. What were you doing? What sensations did you feel? What felt alive in you? What did you learn about what your body needs to feel replenished?

Even remembering moments of relaxation can provide stress relief and remind us how good it feels to give ourselves what we need.

5. Dear Self,… Write a letter from your body's perspective. Begin with, "I will change throughout your lifetime, and I want you to remember…”

Tap into a bigger picture perspective and inspire the kindness and care your body deserves from you.

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Melissa Fritchle

Mindful Embodiment & PsychoSpiritual Teacher
Melissa Fritchle is an award-winning teacher & speaker on topics of EcoSpirituality, body awareness & love, healthy sexuality & living with more mindfulness. She is the author of The Conscious Sexual Self Workbook, which features journaling prompts for understanding your sexuality. She is licensed as a holistic psychotherapist in California & has a psycho-spiritual counseling practice working with people worldwide. She teaches for Stanford's Healthy Living Program & is a program lead for the Center for Wild Spirituality.

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