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Parenting Without Regret: A Guilt-Free Guide

Embracing imperfections, celebrating growth, and letting go of guilt.

Parenting is a journey with joys, challenges, and moments of doubt. Each time guilt sneaks in, return to this journal. It offers reflections to help you navigate and release these feelings. Embrace imperfections, celebrate growth, and find solace in your decisions. Revisit as needed, and let this guide be your compass towards guilt-free parenting.

1. Describe a recent situation where you felt guilt as a parent. Detail what happened and the emotions that you felt.

2. What specifically triggered your guilt? Was it your reaction, your child's reaction, or both?

3. Reflect on your actions and reactions. Did they match the situation? Did you act hastily or out of frustration?

4. Mistakes are part of the human experience. In fact, it is where we often do our best learning. (And, they are watching you and how you handle your mistakes). If you believe you were wrong, that's normal. How can you model an apology to your child?

5. Consider what you could have done differently. Visualize how you'd like to handle a similar situation in the future. Consider other options. Usually, those other options can be utilized when we take a “pause” between the stimuli and our reaction. When we do so, it is no longer a reaction; it is a response. (Responses have thought. Reactions don’t).

6. Write a positive statement, encouraging yourself about your capabilities as a parent. In it, consider emphasizing your continual growth and abiding love for your child. To move forward, it's essential to release and let go. Then, you will have all of your energy in the present to try again. Write down a commitment to yourself about releasing guilt and embracing the lessons learned. Acknowledge that we do better when we know better! (And remember the “pause” button!:)

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Michelle Gambs

Psychotherapist/Parent Coach/Author
Michelle Gambs is a guide for all kinds of humans. She is a psychotherapist, parent coach, and author of Stay Away from Option D... and you will be a PerfEct parent. Educated at the University of Notre Dame, she has hosted the ParentED podcast. Michelle transforms humans and families with her kind and firm approach to life and parenting.

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