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Somatic Awareness: Grow Body Literacy

Learn the language of your body to deepen your aliveness.

Our bodies are constantly communicating with us through the language of 'sensation'. This guide will help you develop your 6th sense of interoception, the ability to be aware of sensations happening inside your body. Our bodies give us vital information not only about our physiology, but also our emotions and thoughts. Deepen your connection with yourself by dropping out of your mind and into your body.

1. Write down a present-moment sensation you are aware of right now.  

Ex. It could be the touch of your chair, hunger, fatigue, etc.

2. Does this sensation feel neutral, positive, or negative? Note that, then write 2-3 adjectives that accurately describe the sensation.

We often notice discomfort initially. This is natural; our focus tends toward negativity. To enhance body awareness, use descriptive words: heavy, pulsing, light, etc. 

3. As you get curious about this sensation, does it stay the same or change slightly?  

 Without trying to alter anything, simply observe with curiosity and kindness.

4. Ask this body area/sensation what it might need. Let your body speak as opposed to 'thinking' of a response.

Ex. Rest your eyes if you've been on screens, eat if hungry, stretch if stiff.

5. Now shift your attention to find another neutral to positive sensation. Note where it is in your body and write down 2-3 adjectives that describe it.

Pleasant cues, like the softness of your pet's fur, yummy tastes of food, delight after a dance, and softer muscles as you settle into sleep often go unnoticed, and finding them can be hard at first. Don't worry—you'll get better the more you practice!

6. Throughout the day, remind yourself to notice a body sensation. Write down your sensations and be curious about areas you usually don't explore (arms, feet, ears, etc.). Embrace the wonder of your body!

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Bhanu Joy Harrison

Mindfulness Educator, Clinical Social Worker
Bhanu shares mindful living, nervous system, emotional regulation, and embodiment practices with curiosity and kindness. With 25+ years as a trauma therapist and mindfulness teacher, she blends nervous system education with practical tools for emotions, trauma, pain, and aging. Her focus on somatic and mindful approaches enriches our lived experience and connection with ourselves, others, and the world.

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