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Your favorite journaling app,
now with superpowers. is getting supercharged, with an AI-powered companion designed to deepen your reflection practice.

Open a window to your past
to unlock new doors in your future.

Questions to Go Deeper

Get personalized questions to help you go deeper while writing.

Weekly & Monthly Reviews

Get weekly and monthly reviews with highlights, lowlights, and insights surfaced to you.

Identify Patterns

Learn from the patterns in the experiences that bring you joy and those that challenge you.

Synthesis & Clarity

Summarize jumbled thoughts into concise ideas, problems, and next steps.

A Two-Way conversation

Engage with your journal in a 2-way conversation to understand yourself in a whole new way.

Mind-Blowing Search

Cutting edge semantic search that doesn't just provide keyword matches but provides answers.
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I am an existing user, should I still sign up for the waitlist?

Yes! We will be prioritizing access to existing users!

Are my entries private and secure?

Short answer: Yes and yes! As alway with, your entries are visible only to you and stored securely with encryption. As long time journal-writers ourselves, we know how important it is that personal entries are private and secure.

For users who enable our new AI-features, will analyze selected entry data using our partner's Large Language Model (LLM). Your data is not stored by or used to train AI models.

Long answer: All user-generated application data is stored in a secure, encrypted database. All sensitive data (like journal entries) are fully encrypted before it is ever stored. This means that in the extremely unlikely chance our database is ever compromised, a hacker would only find encrypted text (aka, a whole bunch of random characters) rather than any sensitive information. Our application is served via TLS (the successor to SSL), which means that all communication between your device and is also secured and encrypted.

We do use third-party software tools for notifications, analytics, and customer support. The data provided to these third parties never includes the contents of your private entries, and are used to provide you with a better user experience. For example, an email that notifies you that you have completed six entries only tracks the number of entries completed, but has no access to the content of them.

I’m an existing user, do I need to enable this feature?

For existing users, our AI integration is opt-in only. Once available, you can adjust your preferences at any time from the settings page.  

What is “Depth”?

Depth is the name of our AI companion. Our early users will remember the first iteration of Depth (Alpha) we released back in Q1 2023. This integration directly into the app experience across platforms is the evolution of Depth.

Get clarity and peace of mind, wherever you are.

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