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Mastering Good Decision Making

Help you understand your decision-making biases and what you need to make the best decision in any given moment.

One of the most essential skills you can have in life is knowing how to make the best possible decision, at a given moment with the information you have. It's not a "textbook" skill taught in school and rarely taught at home. The only way to improve your decision-making skills is to keep track of important decisions, reflect on them, learn from them, and internalize them.

1. What is the most important value you want to keep in mind when making decisions?

2. Are you making a decision about the right problem? Or is the problem a secondary or tertiary outcome of a different problem?

3. What and how much information do you need to make a decision?

4. What would your decision look like if you worked backward from the outcome?

5. Do you regularly journal and review any major decisions you make? If so, what mental biases have you learned that you have?

6. Which decisions seemed like bad ones in short order but revealed themselves to be good over time? Or vice-versa?

7. Are you learning regardless of the outcome of your decisions?

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Shane Neman

3x Founder & Investor
Shane Neman is the founder of EZ Texting & JoonBug, serial entrepreneur, investor, and the author of NightLife Lessons.

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