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Manage Self-Doubt at Work

Boost your confidence and achieve your goals despite moments of self-doubt.

We all have moments of self-doubt, especially at work. Imposter syndrome creeps up, and we can’t get that voice in our head to quiet down and let us be our best selves. These powerful questions will help you boost your confidence during moments of worry and anxiety so you can achieve your goals!

1. When was the last time that you experienced self-doubt at work?

2. When you reflect on that experience, what did this voice of self-doubt say?

Be specific. (Ex: “You’re not smart enough.” “They’re going to find out that you have no idea what you’re doing.” “You’re going to get fired.”).

3. Choose the loudest thing that this voice of self-doubt said, and list evidence that disproves this statement.

Consider what your biggest fans (old bosses, family members, friends) might add if you need help with this list. (Ex: “My last performance review was stellar.” “I was able to do well in my last job even though the role was new to me; I was able to figure it out.”).

4. What affirmation might help to boost your confidence?

Note that affirmations are most effective when you use your name rather than “I” and use the present rather than the future tense. Shorter is better, so you can easily remember and repeat it. (Ex: Zee is an amazing public speaker.)

5. Where can you put this affirmation so that you can rewire the neurotransmitters in your brain through repetition?

(Ex: Weekly reminders on your phone, Sticky notes in your bathroom mirror)

6. Looking ahead, what is a specific situation at work that you want to do well in?

7. What would you imagine if you were to take a moment to visualize yourself performing at your best in this situation?

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Zee Clarke

Breathwork Expert & Author
Zee Clarke, author of Black People Breathe, is a mindfulness & breathwork expert focused on helping black people heal from racism. She is a former tech executive and Harvard MBA, featured in Fortune, Forbes, CNBC, Ebony & Essence. Today she works with DEI teams to help marginalized communities thrive at work despite the challenges.

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