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Go From Fear to Confidence

Lower your anxiety and boost your confidence.

Anxiety is a misunderstood emotion. While our natural tendency is to avoid it, this tends to make it worse long-term. The key to living with confidence is to create a better relationship with your anxiety. These six questions in this guided journaling practice can help.

1. What is my anxiety trying to tell me?

Instead of viewing anxiety as an enemy to be eliminated, think of it as a friend helping you become more aware of your unmet wants and needs.

2. If I had perfect confidence for 1 hour, what would I do?

This is a useful thought experiment to help clarify your values, which can be powerful motivators to help you overcome anxiety.

3. What are the worries and thought patterns behind my anxiety?

While you can’t control anxiety directly, you always have control over your attention and what you choose to focus on.

4. Instead of coping with anxiety once it’s arrived, what are some habits or exercises that would prevent anxiety from taking hold in the first place?

True self-care is preventative, not reactive.

5. What are some small opportunities throughout my day to practice confidence—doing something important despite feeling afraid?

Remember: Confidence isn’t the absence of fear. It’s the courage to act on your values despite your fears.

6. Where in my life do I need better boundaries?

Very often, the root cause of chronic anxiety is a failure to set (and enforce) healthy boundaries.

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Nick Wignall

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Nick is a clinical psychologist, writer, and consultant. He's the founder of the Friendly Mind, a weekly newsletter reaching 35,000+ readers that shares practical, straightforward advice for emotional health and well-being.

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