Feeling Alive

Understand your passions, see patterns of joy, and prioritize what matters most.

Embrace a daily ritual to illuminate moments that make you truly feel alive. Each evening, let this guide inspire you to recall that spark from your day—whether it brought vibrancy, connection, or sheer joy. Complete the phrase: "Today, I felt most alive when..." This daily reflection deepens your understanding of your passions, highlights patterns in your joys, and emphasizes what's truly important. Beyond its introspective benefits, it also offers a rejuvenating and optimistic note on which to draw each day to a close.

Today, I felt most alive when...

Go deeper: Describe in detail the sights, sounds, and emotions that accompanied this moment. How did it make you feel about yourself and the world around you? Reflect on what it means to truly embrace and appreciate these moments of vitality in our lives

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Inspiring mindful living and purposeful growth.
Started by brothers Mike and Dave Radparvar over a decade ago, Holstee's mission is to assist conscious individuals on their journey toward living more fully and mindfully.

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