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Designing Your Lifestyle With Intention

Create a flow in your life and a schedule that lights you up.

If you’re caught in a cycle of feeling constantly busy, yet ending your weeks feeling tired and uninspired, this may be your sign to take a deeper look at how you’re spending your time. By zooming out and reimagining your week, you can start to identify simple yet powerful shifts to make your ideal lifestyle both productive and possible.

What’s your recipe for the perfect day?

Consider what your ideal day looks like. What are you doing? Where are you? Who are you with? Jot down up to 10 components of a day that spark joy.

What kinds of days do you love most? What are you doing?

Consider what tasks or activities excite you and get you in your flow state where you lose track of time.

What kinds of days do you find challenging? What are you doing?

Consider what tasks or activities you find draining or are outside of your zone of genius.

How would it look if you could clear your calendar and redesign your week?

For example - No Meeting Mondays, more breaks, dedicated time to create, work/life boundaries, building in time for movement or other self-care routines.

What’s getting in the way of your ideal schedule? 

Consider how both time and energy play a part in this. 

What tiny shift/s can you make today to get you 1 step closer to your ideal lifestyle?

Get it on the calendar and make it happen!

In 3 words, how do you want your lifestyle to FEEL?

Bonus follow-up exercise: Create a lifestyle vision board with 5-10 images representing this feeling.

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Livia Marati

Founder of Ina Wellness Collective
Livia is a holistic health coach, yoga teacher and founder of Ina Wellness Collective. Her soul calling is creating transformational events, retreats and programs that spark a deeper connection to ourselves and to each other. Her signature coaching programs are designed to help her clients create consistent healthy habits and align to their purpose.

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