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Harness Nature's Wisdom for Mindful Growth

Explore personal transformation through your inner & outer landscapes.

Your inner world is what drives your relationship to your outward experiences. At a time when we’re increasingly disconnected from our environment, we can turn to personal reflection practices that help us connect more deeply with the natural world that surrounds us.

1. What's one memorable moment you experienced in nature recently?

A reflection of your most recent connection with the natural world, helping us recall experiences that left an impact.

2. Which natural element stood out to you during this moment?

This question encourages us to explore how our inner world responds to our encounters with nature, building an understanding of our unique relationship with the environment.

3. What's one lesson or pattern this element of nature can teach you?

Nature can provide us with an abundance of insights. Identifying one to apply to our daily life strengthens our connection with nature and promotes mindful growth.

4. How can you incorporate this lesson into your daily life?

Creating a commitment rooted in a lesson from nature allows us to constantly engage with the natural world, fostering a sense of harmony in our daily lives.

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Amánda Efthimiou

Psychedelic Wellness & Integration Educator
Amánda is a psychedelic wellness advocate, integration educator, facilitator, and writer. She founded INTEGRA, which draws from nature and indigenous wisdom traditions in order to help people find meaning and healing from their experiences with non-ordinary states of consciousness. She has an MSc in Neuroscience focused on the effects of plant-based medicines combined with psychotherapy.

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