Awaken More Expansive Possibilities

Expand your possibilities through the playful exploration of your essential self.

What might it look like to expand your sense of what's possible for your life or work beyond its current parameters? This guide helps you to expand beyond your current realm of possibilities through playful, creative writing, leaving you with ‘aha-moments and actionable next steps toward a more expansive existence.

1. Think of a moment you felt fulfilled: What were you doing? Who was there? What was it about the moment that felt fulfilling?

2. What comes so naturally to you that it doesn’t even feel like something special?

(Maybe you are always the one to organize the gathering/movie night or birthday party. Maybe you come up with a million ideas or are the go-to to fix things).

3. What would it be if you were to 10x that capacity and turn it into a superpower?

4. How would you like to use that superpower to impact the people, places, and world around you?

How might that happen:

In a small way?

In an unexpected way?

In an absurd, ridiculous non-sensical way?

In a big audacious way?

5. Write a magical, mythical story about how you use your superpower to realize your impact.

Talk about the characters you meet along the way, where you go, the challenges you overcome, and what happens as a result. (Give yourself permission to be playful and write stream of consciousness). Start your story off with "Once, upon a time..."

6. What does this say about what you really want to do? How? What new possibilities might be available if you thought this could be a reality?

7. What does this make you want to do next?

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Rei Chou

Spiritual Catalyst, Advisor + Coach
Rei is a master energy worker who blends 5+ traditions of enlightened energy work with business strategy and coaching to support creative visionaries in realizing their life's work, purpose, and fulfillment. She's been recognized as one of Fast Company's 100 Most Creative People in Business and has worked with everyone from NASA and Intel to The Rockefeller and Robin Hood Foundations. She loves helping people realize their full expression.

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