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Your Reunion Journey

Healing Ourselves, Healing Our Ancestors

What is your story? We often tell ourselves myths about the people who came before us (passed down from generation to generation), but more often than not, those myths have been created because we do not know the real stories. The work of recalling our ancestors, re-feeling their fears and hopes, and restoring their and our wholeness is an act of reunion. When we heal ourselves, we heal our ancestors.

Who am I?

  • How do I identify? 
  • Who and what that might relate to that identity have I not seen? 
  • How did it benefit me or my family, including my ancestors, not to see or recognize such things? 
  • Which stories of my family of origin have we chosen to remember, and which have we chosen to forget?

To whom do I belong? 

  • To whom did my parents belong? 
  • What is it that tells me I belong to my family? 
  • What does it feel like to know that I belong? 
  • Among whom of my ancestors might have been left behind or forgotten?

What is your work to do? 

  • How have I been complicit in and benefited from systemic othering? 
  • What would I have to give up that I love that might make me feel safe and I belong so that others might feel the same way? 
  • How might I create systemic belonging for others? 
  • Whose stories should I be listening to? 

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Jerry Colonna

Author of Reboot: Leadership and the Art of Growing Up
Jerry is a coach, writer, and speaker who focuses on leadership, business, and the practice of radical self-inquiry. He is the Co-founder and CEO of, a company born from the rallying cry that work does not have to destroy us. Work can be the way in which we achieve our fullest self.

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