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Unlocking Your Truth

Unlock your truth and understand that 'you' are the most valuable subject to be curious about.

In a world where information is unlimited, and data about everything is accessible to all, you are the only person in the world that can be the subject matter expert on you. Being one of one, wholly unique, and knowing why, is the most valuable information you can seek.

1. What is something you know in your heart and mind about your life that you've never externalized in writing or verbally?

2. If someone was writing a biography about you one day, what story would you want to make sure they got right that would help future readers understand your story?

3. If you could download one skill set or mindset and be fully proficient in it by the end of the day today, what would it be and why?

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Andy Ellwood

Executive Coach, Recovering Founder
Andy believes that curiosity is a superpower. As an Executive Coach, he empower clients to have hard conversations and ask tough questions of themselves and their teams.

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