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Unlock Relational Abundance

Questions to foster meaningful connections for a richer life.

What is Relational Abundance? Relational abundance is a robust network of meaningful and supportive connections in one's life, contributing to true fulfillment and enrichment. You can read more about this concept in my Substack. Discover the power of Relational Abundance through this journaling exercise. Unravel the true essence of meaningful connections and experience fulfillment like never before. Dive into the exercises, challenge conventional notions, and nurture stronger relationships. Your journey to a more enriched and joyful existence starts now!

Building Relational Awareness

1. What does abundance mean to you? Challenge traditional notions and extend beyond material wealth.

2. Reflect on your current social support network. Are there areas where you feel lacking or could benefit from stronger connections?

3. How has isolation impacted you in the past?

Embracing the Power of Relationships

4. Have your connections led to unexpected opportunities, career growth, or improved health?

5. Identify key people who bring joy and support to your life. How can you deepen these connections?

6. Think about new relationships you'd like to nurture. What steps can you take to initiate and develop these bonds?

Building Relational Abundance

Set a goal to prioritize relationship-building in your daily life. You could invest time in meeting new people or strengthening existing friendships.

7. Identify obstacles holding you back from nurturing your social network. How can you overcome these barriers and make relationships a priority?

8. Consider how you could embrace vulnerability in building meaningful connections. How could you open up more with those you care about and foster deeper bonds?

9. How can you be there for others and allow them to be there for you in times of need?

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Matt Hunter

Executive Coach, 2x Founder and Leader
Matt Hunter is an executive coach based in Boulder, CO, with over 15 years of experience co-founding and leading startups. He co-founded Turnstyle (acquired by Yelp) and served as President & CEO of Founders Pledge, an organization for high-impact giving that’s raised over $10B for charity. Now he supports founders and CEOs with leadership development and writes a newsletter about a relationship-centric approach to leadership.

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