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How to Instantly Shift Unwanted Emotions

Change and uncertainty can be mentally exhausting. Especially for those who are questioning their paths personally and professionally. This guide offers prompts and mental fitness exercises to help reset our minds and move forward. We can do our best work and live an exceptional life by lifting any anchors holding us down.

As Quincy Jones, legendary composer, producer, and twenty-eight-time Grammy Award winner, shares, “…we ultimately have a choice to decide what we focus on, the good or the bad.”

1. Where are you directing the majority of your focus?

Think of what’s occupying your mind or distracting you.

2. What circumstances are holding you back right now?

First, acknowledge any frustration, anger, or sadness to shift, release and paint a new picture.

3. What’s within your control?

Release any stories or internal narratives outside of your control.

BONUS: What are five activities or rituals that immediately make your mind happy?

When life and work become hard, triggering, or stressful, these activities will shift your mind into a positive and thriving state.

Know that you’re always one question, ritual, or decision away from a different mental state.

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Marc Champagne

Mental Fitness Strategist & Bestselling Author
Marc Champagne unpacks the mental fitness practices and reflective questions shaping the lives of brilliant thinkers. He is the author of Personal Socrates: Better Questions, Better Life, a best-selling book teaching us how to direct our internal narrative to work for us instead of against us. Marc has studied mental fitness practices for over a decade and consults with Fortune 500 companies as a mental fitness strategist and practitioner.

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