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Navigating Heavy Times

Create the space to rest, feel, release, and take care.

At times, my heart has felt heavy with the grief of the world. If your heart also feels heavy, here are a few journaling prompts that may bring comfort and support. In times like these, it's important we create the space to rest, feel, release, and take care. Whenever you feel this way, I invite you to utilize this guide to work through your feelings. Your heart and mind will thank you.

1. If the emotion that I feel had a voice, what would it say to me? What would it want me to know?

2. Who are the people I can turn to for comfort, safety & support? Who can I not?

3. What thoughts and beliefs are accompanying my emotions? Are they useful? Are they true?

4. What are a few things within my control that I can shift my focus toward?

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Amber Rae

3x International Bestselling Author
Amber Rae is a 3x international bestselling author, speaker, and global advocate for creativity, self-discovery, and emotional wellness. She is the author of "Choose Wonder Over Worry," translated into eight languages, plus "The Answers Are Within You" and "The Feelings Journal." Through her writing, guided journals, workshops, and speaking her - work is devoted to helping you access the wisdom that's already within you.

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