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Shift Your Mindset with Moon Cycles

Learn how to use the moon cycles to shift your mindset.

Join us in journaling with the moon cycles to gain greater awareness, mindfulness, and appreciation for yourself and your path. With the power of the moon's cycles, you can unlock appreciation and gratitude for your soul and its deep connections to the world around you.

New Moon: During the New Moon cycle, the darkest nights envelop us, rendering the moon invisible, yet her presence remains profoundly felt. At this time, it is ideal to work on setting intentions and thinking about the next steps in your journey to reach your goals.

1. How do you feel right now? What goals do you want to achieve in the next month?

First Quarter Moon: The right side of the moon is in view with nightly movement; this is when you take action, step away from the fears that stop you, and complete your growth.

2. What are you tolerating that needs to change to move forward? How are you getting in your own way?

Full Moon: The complete moon is in full view, shining down in all her glory, amplifying all the energy and thoughts you put into the universe; this is the time to meditate, manifest, and let go of what isn't in alignment with your journey.

3. I can feel more connected to myself by? What does my soul need?

Last Quarter Moon: The moon's left side is visible, quietly slipping away; this is the time to reflect on your accomplishments and find and give grace by forgiving yourself and others.

4. Where do you need to respect yourself right now? Where do you have unrealistic expectations of yourself?

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Jamie Stuck

Certified Motherhood, Mindset & Life Coach
Moonsong Coaching provides a safe and sacred village that supports you to become empowered and authentic while breaking down society's harsh criticism of what it means to be a person in this world.

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