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How to Get Back Home

Let go so you can live your fullest life.

There are those moments in life when you realize that you aren’t living in alignment with your true self. Realizing this is one thing. But getting back to who you are is another challenge entirely—and it begins with a lot of letting go! Use these reflection questions to help you assess where you’ve strayed from your path and what is hindering you so you can begin your journey home to freedom and fulfillment.

1. When have you recently felt like you are hiding or that something is holding you back from showing up fully as yourself?

Think of 2-3 moments, interactions, or scenarios you experienced by yourself, in a relationship, at work, or in some other context.

2. What would you call this lesser version of yourself?

(E.g., perfectionist, people-pleaser, victim, achiever, clown, coward, controller, etc.)

3. How has this version of yourself hurt you? 

Imagine a conversation with this version of yourself. Tell it about the pain it has caused you or others.

4. How has this version of yourself helped or protected you?

These lesser versions of ourselves often exist because they once had a role to play. Again, imagine a conversation where you thank this part of yourself but let it know that it is no longer needed.

5. When have you recently felt a sense of alignment between who you are and how you show up in the world?

It can be in any context, just like question 1 above. In the coming days, record these experiences of alignment to give you courage for the journey of leaving what you’ve outgrown and coming home to your true self.

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Ben Katt

Meditation Teacher, Coach, and Author
Ben Katt is a meditation teacher, spiritual coach, and writer. He is the author of The Way Home: Discovering the Hero’s Journey to Wholeness at Midlife, a book that helps people wake up to their fullest lives. He is a certified advanced meditation teacher, holds a Master of Divinity degree, was an ordained minister for over a decade, and previously led The On Being Project’s work in supporting religious and spiritual leaders.

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