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Finding Your Happy Career

Discover your true purpose and find a space that brings you joy.

Embarking on the quest for a fulfilling career can be an overwhelming journey, one that's deeply personal and often accompanied by moments of anxiety. Unearthing your true purpose might feel like a daunting task, but the pursuit is a worthy one. In this deeply personal endeavor, finding the right path demands effort, but a handful of essential questions can serve as your guiding light.

1. When did you last experience a state of complete flow and immersion? Reflect on activities you were passionate about during childhood, teenage years, or early adulthood. Can you recall where you were, who you were with, and what you were engaged in during those moments? (Look into your past, even in challenging times. Recall a day at a job you disliked when you felt truly alive. Identify that moment – was it a project? Similarly, think about your first job; even if you disliked it, there may have been a colleague you enjoyed collaborating with. Who was it, and what made that partnership special?)

2. List things that capture your curiosity. Notably, these entries need not be connected to your career; it's preferable if they aren't. (Consult loved ones about when you appeared happiest and most involved. Select a moment or activity you relish, and springboard from there.)

3. Do you ever feel that it seems frivolous and unrealistic to consider your non-work activities as valuable and tangible skill sets? Make a list of all your skills. (Consider that your skills beyond the workplace hold equal significance.)

4. What next steps do you want to take to advance your career?

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Nahida Coelho

Career Coach & Founder of
With over two decades of diverse experience, Nahida (career coach & Founder of has excelled in Advertising & Public Relations, Ad Film Production, Operations, Sales & Marketing, Educational Counseling, and Mentoring. She has coached 1000+ clients since launching in 2020. A certified Early Childhood Educator, she's provided invaluable guidance in the field. Holding international Career Counseling certifications, she strives to make a difference and guide people to find their true potential.

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