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Cultivating Your Inner Quiet

Magnify what you want and retire what doesn't serve anymore.

I adore this quote: "We live in a world our questions create." Whenever I find myself navigating a wearying storm, vague disappointments, or rekindling self-love, I carefully handpick questions that guide me to a safer shore. These questions transform into maps that guide me to a sacred 'inner quiet'! I hope you cultivate yours, and if you already have it, preserve it with all your might.

1. How would you feel when you get there?

2. If not for you, what would fall apart? Who can share your load?

3. If there were no blame and no praise, who would you be then?

4. What are some things you are deeply convinced about yourself and need zero validation for? How did you discover these qualities?

5. How do you fill your void?

6. What are your oldest and newest memories of being truly at peace?

7. How can someone make you feel more loved?

8. So far in the gallery of your life, are you the art, the artist, or the visitor?

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Deepak Ramola

Wisdom Historian and Potato Lover.
Deepak Ramola, founder of Project FUEL, captures everyday wisdom globally. A TED speaker, UN Action Plan Executor, and Harvard Graduate School of Education alumnus, his innovative storytelling method spans continents. He's a celebrated Hindi cinema lyricist and three-time author.

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