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Clarify Your Intentions And Goals

Reverse-Engineer Your Goals & Get Clear On How You Want to Feel

Get clear on your intentions for the new year, and tap into the wisdom of your future self to help you get there. When we chase goals, we're actually chasing feelings. But if we can first get clear on how we want to feel when we get there, we can shape our lives to feel that way here. When we start with how we want to feel, we create process-oriented goals rather than outcome-oriented ones. This is good news because all the science around goal-setting suggests that this is the key to staying motivated and following through.

Reverse-Engineer Your Goals:

Example Goal: When I have $X in my bank account, THEN I'll feel secure and relaxed.

Example Reverse: If I want to feel secure, my goal might be to clarify & work toward what my business coach calls an "enough number" - the amount of money I need to earn in a specific season of life to support the life I want to be living.

1. This year, I want to feel...

2. To feel this way, I will...

Now, Tap Into Your Future Self

Imagine that your future self, one year from now, is sitting next to you—holding an important piece of wisdom that they want you to know.

As you answer the prompt below in your journal, imagine that you are handing your future self a microphone, allowing them to speak to you through the page.

Note: If the exercise feels uncomfortable or challenging at first, that's okay. There's no right or wrong answer—give it a try.

Dear [Your Name], I'm your future self, and this is what you need to know...

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Amber Rae

3x International Bestselling Author
Amber Rae is a 3x international bestselling author, speaker, and global advocate for creativity, self-discovery, and emotional wellness. She is the author of "Choose Wonder Over Worry," translated into eight languages, plus "The Answers Are Within You" and "The Feelings Journal." Through her writing, guided journals, workshops, and speaking her - work is devoted to helping you access the wisdom that's already within you.

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