Your guided journal for wellness and growth.

A delightfully minimal private online journal with powerful self-reflection guides to help you grow into your best self.

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Find clarity and peace of mind, wherever you are.

Find clarity and peace of mind, wherever you are.

Available on iOS, Android, Mac and Web

Your writing and reflection oasis.

Improve your mental health with a beautifully designed journal that provides everything you need to nurture your reflection practice.

Come home to your thoughts and feelings.

Inspiring journaling prompts, rich insights, and the ability to look back on your past entries with fresh perspective.

Supercharge your journaling with Quick Templates.

Create custom journal templates to quickly save and re-use your favorite frameworks. Great for gratitude journaling, book reviews, weekly planning... the possibilities are endless.

Every journey needs a good guide.

Use our powerful journal prompts for quick reflection or go deeper with our growing library of mindful journaling activities.

Master your Monthly and Annual Reviews.

Our unique framework makes it easy to look back on your month and year so you can find peace, foster gratitude, and grow.

A delightful, fast, secure, and private online journaling experience.

Private & Secure

Whether reflective journal or online diary, your account is only accessible by you. With SSL your entries are protected in transit, and on our database your entries are encrypted at storage.

Available Everywhere

Access your online journal from our native apps on MacOS, iOS and Android or through our fully responsive web-app anywhere with an internet connection.

Blazing-fast Search

Quickly find any entry by searching for any word in the entry with our blazing fast search.

Guided Framework

Use our Highlight, Lowlight, and Free Write framework to inform your Guided Monthly Review and Annual Review.

Analytics & Insights

Get insights into your writing statistics, streaks, and more.

Data Portability

We believe you own your data. So we've made it easy to export your journal as JSON or CSV file at anytime.

Gentle Notifications

Customize the day, time and frequency of reminders to keep you on track with your journaling.


Add Photos

Add photos to help capture beautiful moments in your online journal. 
Requires Premium plan.

Care & Support

We want to grow this journaling app with you. If you have questions or feedback please let us know!

Start your reflection practice today. is available everywhere you are.
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