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Passion: Discover What Ignites You

Unleash your inner light and ive with Purpose

Unleash your inner fire! This guide reignites your passion by helping you identify moments of pure joy and fulfillment. Through introspection, celebrate what truly energizes you and discover how to align your passions with your daily life. Let this journey illuminate a path towards a life filled with purpose and enthusiasm.

1. Jot down all the activities, experiences, and moments you can remember that ignited a spark within you. Emphasize the experiences that gave you an extra surge of energy by bolding them to stand out on your list.

Tip: For the following three questions, “work” means your primary daily responsibilities:

2. Reflect on the aspects of your work that held significant meaning for you. What aspects of your job or daily responsibilities made you feel fulfilled or contributed to your sense of purpose?

3. What’s one skill you picked up in your professional life this year? This could range from a technical ability to a soft skill like communication or leadership.

4. Looking ahead, what steps can you take to align your work more closely with the passions that make you feel most alive and engaged?

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Started by brothers Mike and Dave Radparvar over a decade ago, Holstee's mission is to assist conscious individuals on their journey toward living more fully and mindfully.

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