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A 5-Minute Ritual for More Joy & Ease

A check-in and check-out practice for cultivating more joy and ease in your life.

For those looking to drive bigger, bolder, and more sustainable change it can be a struggle to balance our ambition without burning out. Starting your day with this 5-minute journaling ritual can help center you — allowing you to step into your change-making work with joy and ease.

Personal sustainability isn't a destination; it's a practice. Here are a few reflection questions and affirmations to help you center joy and ease in your work.


Affirmation to start your day: I am allowing this day to be easy and joyful.

1. What can I do to make this day easier?

2. What can I let go of?


Affirmation to end your day: Today was exactly what it was meant to be.

1. Did today feel easy and joyful?

2. Did today hold any lessons for me?

3. What can I be proud of?

4. What am I grateful for?

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Jessica Marati Radparvar

Impact Strategist & Founder, Reconsidered
Jessica Marati Radparvar is an entrepreneur and sustainable business strategist on a mission to help impact leaders drive bigger, bolder, more sustainable change. Through her company Reconsidered, she creates resources, teaches courses, and consults on ESG strategy and communications for leading brands and organizations — all toward a vision of a more thriving, just, and resilient world.

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