Introducing V3: Your new writing and reflection oasis

October 4, 2022
Product Updates
This milestone release makes more delightful and impactful to use. Learn more about all the updates we packed into V3!

This milestone release is our biggest yet!

We have redesigned the app experience to make your writing and reflection practice even more meaningful and delightful. At the same time, we've included included your top requested features!

You can access this new release by downloading (or updating) today!

Here is a 30-second video teaser of what awaits:

A closer look inside V3

V2 versus V3
  • Check out the new Today page and look back on past entries
  • Scroll through a spacious and delightful new Journal view
  • You can now lock / blur entries with our 'Private Entry' feature
  • Use Quick Templates to start reflecting quickly, and create and customize your own
  • Search instantly by tag and keyword with our improved search
  • Entry Types are now Entry Tags to streamline organization
  • The new Oasis theme is both delightful and calming, and our new Night theme is darker than ever… in a good way :-D

And lots of small bug fixes (autocorrect, and other keyboard bugs are now fixed as well!)

Reflecting on the past and looking ahead.

Here is a quick walk down memory lane to celebrate how far we’ve come.

The evolution of

Together with the feedback from our community, has continued to evolve, from our origins as a simple web app (v0), to the launch of our iOS and Android apps (v1), The release of new (flutter powered!) web app and MacOS app (v2), to this most recent update v3.

V3 is just the beginning.

Later this year we will continue to expand our guided journaling offering as we team up with leading wellness organizations and practitioners to share their own journaling journeys with our community. 

Want to play a more active role in guiding our development?

Join our beta group and get early access to the latest releases and share feedback along the way!

Shout Outs

The simplicity you experience in our app wouldn’t be possible without the tremendous complexity and attention to detail that it took our team to build.

I want to share a special thanks to our brilliant and passionate developers who made this all possible. Thank you Bryan, Britannio, Wamwea and Isaac for your incredible efforts!

Also thanks to Jordan, Kim, Tim, Nicole, Carrie, Massiel, Sarah and Mike for your incredible marketing contributions, feedback, and support!

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