Look Back On Your Year
Our guided annual review helps bring perspective and closure to the past year before you dive into the year ahead.
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A Guided Framework For Your End-Of-Year Reflection

PART one

Record your meaningful moments.

Start with a few fun superlatives to get loosened up, then look back and add memorable monthly Highlights and Lowlights for the year.


Reflect on your Highlights and Lowlights.

Find patterns in the things that brought you joy and learn from and find peace with this year's challenging moments.


Review your holistic wellness.

Check in with yourself on the following dimensions of a balanced life: Mind, Body, Soul, Work, Play, and Love.

Sample Annual Review Summary Page

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We're on this journey together.

For the last decade, Holstee has created products that help people live fully and mindfully.

We started by writing The Holstee Manifesto — our own definition of success.

In trying to live these values, we struggled, finding ourselves distracted by the urgency of our notification-driven culture and trapped by the idea of living up to someone else's definition of success.

In time, it became clear to us that living with intention and reflection is an ongoing practice, not a destination. This was the seed that started the Holstee Membership and a range of products including Holstee Reflection Cards and our Reflection Journal.

With encouragement from our community, we have spent the last three years exploring how to bring our passion for design and our experience developing reflection-oriented products together into an online tool that helps us look back on our days, weeks, months, and years in a delightful, accessible, and secure way.

After years of work, we are thrilled to finally share Reflection.app with the world.

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We can't wait to hear about your experience,

Through reflection, we get the chance to appreciate, learn from, and find peace with our past as we take steps toward the future ahead.

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