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Holstee's Simple Annual Review

Fulfilling Year-End Reflection: Appreciate, Grow, and Find Peace.

Reflection is one of the most valuable tools for learning and growing. The following practices are rooted in some of Holstee’s 12 themes and are designed to help you appreciate, find peace with, and grow from your past experiences. We hope this guide makes your end-of-year reflection fun, fulfilling, and memorable.

1. Who are you most grateful for this year? Why? Which relationships grew the most? 

2. Which of the six dimensions received the most attention this past year? Which received the least? Was that the right balance for you?

Mind, Body, Soul, Work, Play, Love.

3. What was one simple pleasure from the past year that will continue to make you smile for years to come? What would you like to spend less time on next year?

4. What aspects of your job or daily responsibilities made you feel fulfilled or contributed to your sense of purpose?

5. What was a moment that tested your limits?

6. What’s one tangible thing/ or purchase that you appreciated and still stands out for you?

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Started by brothers Mike and Dave Radparvar over a decade ago, Holstee's mission is to assist conscious individuals on their journey toward living more fully and mindfully.

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