December 2022 Updates

December 1, 2022
Global Pin Lock, Prompt Sharing, Welcome Tips and more!

We release updates every two weeks! Every update includes bug fixes and design improvements, and beyond that we try and include a few new features to improve your experience. Here are a few highlights from December. If you have any feedback or suggestions please let us know!

December Updates Overview

  • Global Pin Lock
  • Prompt Sharing
  • Welcome Tips
  • Fine-tuned 'Look Back' for better rediscovery

A Closer Look...

Global Pin Lock

You can now lock your journal using a Pin code (in addition to the biometric lock!) across devices. This adds an additional level of privacy and security for shared mobile devices, and for those that journal on desktop.

Share Prompts (and Prompt Options)

You can now share a prompts directly from the Today page. Perfect for sharing an inspiring quote or question with friends. You can also click the three dots on Today page for more options to customize your prompts, or get a new one!

Onboarding Tips

We have added some new onboarding tips to the Journal screen. Helpful for new users, but also a great reminder for those already using the app on how to make the most of their app experience!

On Deck

+ Personalized Onboarding Experience

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Share Your Thoughts

Any feedback or ideas you would like to share with us? Please let us know (email, we always love hearing your input!

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